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Institut für Epidemiologie, Biostatistik und Prävention

EBPI researchers to give paper at Royal Statistical Society

The paper “Bayesian analysis of measurement error models using integrated nested Laplace approximations” (PDF, 981 KB) by S. Muff, A. Riebler, L. Held, H. Rue and P. Saner, published in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C (2015, 64 (2), p.231-252), has been selected for presentation at the annual meeting of the Royal Statistical Society in Exeter, September 7–10, 2015.
Most data that are collected in epidemiological or medical studies contain noise, also known as measurement error. To ensure that appropriate conclusions are deduced from the data it is important to account for such errors in the analyses of these studies. The paper to be presented extends an extending an existing, freely available software with measurement error modelling methodology.