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Institut für Epidemiologie, Biostatistik und Prävention

Valuable contributions of 11 EBPI members at the Wennberg International Collaborative Spring Policy Meeting

On April 12 and 13, the 2018 Wennberg International Collaborative Spring Policy Meeting strongly focusing on the Swiss Health Care System, took place in Zurich. Early career scientists as well as experienced researchers of the EBPI contributed to the success of this meeting by presenting their research work. Agne Ulyte even won the Science Slam of the Emerging Health Care Leaders by describing her dream of an optimal Swiss Heath Care System.

Fantastic work, Agne, Hélène, Phung, Jan, André, Marco, Wenjia, Oliver, Vasilis and of course Milo, Fieke and Nina as part of the conference organizers. A big thank you also to Margot and Eva for making the Wennberg Meeting sustainable by recording the world leading health care experts!

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