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Institut für Epidemiologie, Biostatistik und Prävention

Health Ethics and Policy Lab hosts Digital Health symposium on December 1st

EBPI's Health Ethics and Policy Lab, led by Prof. Effy Vayena, is holding a
symposium at the University of Zurich on December 1 titled "Digital Health:
Exploring Ethics and Policy." The symposium is supported by the Swiss Academy
of Medical Sciences (SAMS, and ETH Zurich and will explore some of the most controversial issues in digital health. Digital technologies, like smartphones and
other portable devices, enable scientists and clinicians to capture reams of data
about individuals throughout the course of their daily lives. Next generation genome sequencing is meant to become routine while novel sensing technologies can capture unprecedented amounts of phenotypic information about each of us. Data, in other words, are bound to shake up the very meaning of medicine, ushering in the era
of digital health. These developments, however, raise ethical concerns with serious implications for health policy. The aim of this workshop is to discuss four such particular areas of concern without stopping short of exploring what can be done
to address them in policy practice. To view the agenda and to register, please see here.