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Institut für Epidemiologie, Biostatistik und Prävention

Successful Launch of the Swiss MS Registry

Saturday, June 25, 2016 marked the first Swiss MS Day. Over 800 attendees participated in the day-long event at Puls 5 in Zurich, which included the official
launch of the Swiss MS Registry. The registry is an initiative of the Swiss MS Society to gain a better understanding of circumstances and quality of life for
persons with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It is one of the first medical Citizen Science
projects in Switzerland and covers a wide range of topics related to MS, such as alternative treatments, mental well-being, physical activity, work, and social support.
At the event, EBPI Director Prof Dr. med Milo Puhan and Dr. Viktor von Wyl explained how the registry functions and the process of registration. Over 140 people enrolled in the registry at the event. More information on the Swiss MS Day can be found on the website of the Swiss MS Society, which funds the registry. To enroll in the registry, please click here.