COS Launch & Symposium: 8th September 2017

Presentations on the Symposium

Welcome and overview of the Center of Salutogenesis (PDF, 723 KB)

Prof. Georg Bauer,  Head of the Center of Salutogenesis, EBPI, UZH, here

Origin of Salutogenesis by Aaron Antonovsky (PDF, 2 MB)

Prof. Shifra Sagy,   Ben Gurion University, Israel

Developments of Salutogenesis after Antonovsky (PDF, 10 MB)

Prof. Maurice Mittelmark,   University of Bergen, Norway

Salutogenesis in the context of health care (PDF, 1 MB)

Prof. Jürgen Pelikan,   University of Vienna, Austria

Salutogenesis beyond health:
Sense of coherence and intergroup relations

Prof. Adi Mana,  School of Behavioral Sciences, Peres Academic Center,   Rehovot, Israel

Contribution of the Center to the future of Salutogenesis (PDF, 2 MB)

Dr. Rebecca Brauchli,   Center of Salutogenesis, EBPI, UZH
Dr. Gregor Jenny,   Center of Salutogenesis, EBPI, UZH

Launch of the Center

Prof. Michael Hengartner, President UZH, Presentation (PDF, 31 MB)

Prof. Milo Puhan, Head of EBPI Institute, UZH, Presentation (PDF, 835 KB)



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