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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

Center of Salutogenesis

The Center of Salutogenesis at the University of Zurich aims for the scientific advancement of Salutogenesis and supports its dissemination. Salutogenesis is the concept of the origin of health (Antonovsky 1979, 1987), rather than disease. It focuses on strengthening individual and social resources that protect and actively promote health.

The Center’s Research focuses on Salutogenesis in working life as a challenging and fast-changing context for health.

Currently, we address four main topics:

  • Work-related sense of coherence and positive health
  • Salutogenesis in team work
  • Salutogenesis in health care work
  • Salutogenesis in crafting jobs and work-related life styles

The conceptual and empirical research on Salutogenesis in working life will contribute to the scientific advancement of Salutogenesis in general.

The Dissemination of Salutogenesis happens through three channels:

  • Scientific publications and conference presentations by the Center
  • Support of the Global Working Group of Salutogenesis of the International Union of Health Promotion and Education
  • Hosting of the interdisciplinary Society for Theory and Research on Salutogenesis (STARS)

The University of Zurich founded the Center in April 2017 and launched it in context of a symposium in September 2017. The Center is kindly supported by a philanthropic foundation. The Center is headed by Prof. Georg Bauer. Its members consist of The staff of the Division of Public and Organizational Health, which belongs to the Institute of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention at the University’s Faculty of Medicine. The center engages in regular Conferences and works closely with various (inter-) national Research and practice Partners.


Launch of the Center

On September 8th 2017 the University of Zurich launched the Center of Salutogenesis in context of a symposium, organized by the Global Working Group of Salutogenesis.
Launch & Symposium

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2nd Edition! Now Open-Access

More about 2nd Edition! Now Open-Access

After the success of the first edition released in 2017, the 2nd edition of the Handbook of Salutogenesis by the IUHPE Global Working Group on Salutogenesis has been published by Springer, again as an open access book! As both Salutogenesis-based research and practice dynamically evolved over the last years, the 2nd edition of the Handbook with 57 chapters and 88 authors provides a thorough update and expansion of this field.
Link to Handbook