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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

Health impact of crafting FlexWork

Changes in the modern working world demand employees to be more flexible and
the boundaries between work and private life become blurred. There are three different behaviors people can (pro)actively employ to meet these challenges: Job crafting (shaping the work situation), boundary crafting (setting the boundaries between
work and private life), recovery crafting (ensuring recovery in private life). This project integrates these crafting behaviors in a common framework, explores patterns thereof in the labor force and examines their isolated and combined impact on the quality of work, work-life balance and health. The project is based on three waves of an existing longitudinal dataset with participants from German-speaking countries (Austria, Germany and Switzerland). This study will be the first to provide prevalence data
on all three crafting strategies and patterns thereof from a representative sample
of the German-speaking countries. Based on the results of this study, we will identify further need for research and derive recommendations on especially favorable crafting patterns to be promoted to the labor force.

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Rebecca Brauchli (Project Leader)

Georg Bauer

Philipp Kerksieck