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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

Evaluation of improving working conditions and health in companies based on the corporate health index (CH-Index)

The «Corporate Health Index» (CH-Index) was developed to facilitate
health development in organisations on the team level. It is implemented
in a successive three-phase-three-level-approach; company-wide index
introduction, leader development and team development.  This study aims
to evaluate the effectivness of the implementation of the CH-Index with a
wait-control group design in two medium-sized companies.


  • Bauer, G. F., & Jenny, G. J. (2018). Leadership and team development to improve organizational health. In K. Nielsen & A. J. Noblet (Eds.), Organizational interventions for health and well-being: A handbook for evidence-based practice (pp. 237–261). Routledge.

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Georg Bauer (Project Leader)

Rebecca Brauchli

Gregor Jenny

Désirée Füllemann