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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

SIS – Swiss Immune Setpoint Study

The major problem in the interpretation of immunological data is the large heterogeneity between individuals potentially influenced by age, gender and other factors, such as the genetic background, the presence of chronic viral infections (e.g. CMV), and other environmental factors. Significant technological advances in the recent years allow in-depth immunological analysis to discriminate between a healthy normal and an abnormal and/or dysfunctional immune system, i.e. to identify the Immune Setpoint in healthy individuals.

The identification of the Immune Setpoint will have major impact on advancing our understanding of the immune system, from the pathogenesis of immune-mediated diseases, to the response to treatments and vaccinations, and ultimately to health and disease management in general. It will further promote our understanding of the factors involved in the transition from a healthy to an abnormal immune system.

This Immune Setpoint Study is an observational study of 600 healthy volunteers, stratified by age and gender. Thereof, subjects who receive a yellow fever vaccination (YFV) may be eligible for the YFV sub-study that aims to evaluate the effects of vaccination on the immune system.

Enrollment takes place at the University Hospital Lausanne and the Travel Clinic at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Subjects for YFV sub-study will only be enrolled at the Travel Clinic at the University of Zurich.

The study objectives are:

  • To enroll 600 healthy volunteers stratified by age and gender including a subset of individuals (50-100) who will receive the yellow fever vaccination (YFV)
  • To investigate a large number of phenotypic and functional parameters (about 200) of innate and adaptive immunity
  • To identify the Immune Setpoint in healthy individuals
  • To evaluate the impact of vaccination (notably YF and influenza vaccination) on the immune system
  • To determine the relationship between the microbiome and the Immune Setpoint.


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