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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

Digital Health Innovation: a Governance Roadmap for Switzerland (D-GOVmap)

Over the past two decades, digital innovation has transformed all aspects of life. In recent years, academia, as well as the industry, have been exploring the potential of digital tools to improve human health, such as through the use of big data and artificial intelligence. The impact of that digital transformation is promising, but still attached to much uncertainty. Will healthcare become less expensive? Will digital innovation benefit all equally? What does Switzerland need to benefit from these processes? This project aims answer these questions by identifying Switzerland's needs and potential, as well as by creating a national policy roadmap for digital health innovation. The project’s methods include both established tools and more innovative approaches, drawing on the experience and knowledge of key players across Switzerland.

The EBPI will oversee and conduct two literature reviews that will contribute to this project: One review on the use of imaging-based machine learning for the diagnostic and prognostic purposes of major chronic diseases and a second review on the use of electronic cohorts in epidemiology and public health.

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