Translational Research Projects

Research that Benefits People

The EBPI is a leading coordinator of research streams from discovery science to population- and patient-based health research. We actively engage in contextualizing and translating evidence from epidemiological and clinical research to evidence-based medical and public health practice.

Here at the EBPI we practice translational research.  In a literal sense, that means that we “translate” research findings into everyday medical and public health practice. 
But it’s much more than that.  We see the EBPI as a framework where researchers, medical professionals and the general public connect.  And through this network we’re able to best integrate research knowledge into medical practice and, conversely, to feed practical experience back into research (see fig.).

That doesn’t happen everywhere.  It’s because we not only conduct research but
also provide public clinical and prevention services that the EBPI is an exception in Switzerland and the world.