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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

Doreen Gille

Doreen Gille, MSc

  • Scientific Manager
+41 44 63 44643

Short Biography

Doreen Gille received her master's degree in nutrition sciences from the University of Jena (FSU), Germany, in 2009. Before joining the EBPI in 2017 as the institute's scientific manager, she worked as a researcher for more than 8 years investigating the effects of dairy products on human health. She was particularly involved in the planning and implementation of clinical trials, data analysis and scientific writing as well as in quantitative and qualitative consumer research. She paid special interest to the biological interpretation of gene expression (BIG) data in the course of personalized nutrition research.
In her position as scientific manager Doreen is responsible for internal and external communication, strategy development and maintenance, management of grant submissions and other administrative tasks relevant to the EBPI.

Curriculum Vitae