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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

Hanna Hubarava

Hanna Hubarava

  • Assistant BSc CRS

Short Biography

In March 2024, Hanna joined the CRS team (STRIDE Lab, Benjamin Ineichen group) as an NLP Research Assistant. Hanna is working towards a Master’s degree in Computational Linguistics and Neuroinformatics at the UZH. Her interest and expertise in both NLP and Neuroscience come in handy for the lab’s efforts to digitize Neuroscience.

Her current project involves developing a pipeline for automatic classification of biomedical publications by leveraging both small and large language models. The long-term goal of this work lies in facilitating the creation of living evidence summaries amidst the rising tide of biomedical data. These efforts should help bridge the translation gap while reducing the number of experiments on animals.