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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute


After having agreed on 31 core competencies (CCs) of epidemiologists at the 1st International Meeting on Teaching Epidemiology in Zurich in June 2018, we now want to hold this second meeting with the ultimate goal to develop a toolbox to pass on the CCs optimally and successfully to current and future epidemiologists. In an introductory session we will share with you the results of the survey prepared and conducted after the Zurich meeting. As a reminder, the survey aimed to achieve a broader and globally accepted consultation and dissemination of the agreed CCs – all details can be found in this video.
The main part of the 2nd International Meeting on Teaching Epidemiology is dedicated to the question, of which CCs are integrated into (your) current Epi curricula to what extend and how are they taught. A second focus is on the exchange of experiences on innovative and successful teaching methods and formats.
Welcomed are international academic epidemiologists, who are involved in teaching and research. We envision this meeting to be a highly interactive and engaging event with a high level of exchange. Attendance is restricted to 100 participants, with the goal of achieving broad participant diversity in terms of career stage (academic epidemiologists, advanced PhD students and PostDocs), teaching experience, geography and subfields of epidemiology.

Expected results of this meeting are a report, but more importantly a teaching toolbox you may want to use to prepare your current and future students in a most efficient and successful way for their role as the next generation of world-leading epidemiologists.