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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

2nd International Meeting on Teaching Epidemiology, January 2020

21 – 22 January, 2020, Zurich, Switzerland


The 2nd International Meeting on Teaching Epidemiology is hosted by the Epidemiology, Biostatistics und Prevention Institute (EBPI) of the University of Zurich.

After we agreed on 31 core competencies (CCs) of epidemiologists in the 1st International Meeting on Teaching Epidemiology in June 2018, we want to follow
up with this second meeting. We will share with you the results of the survey
that had the aim to achieve a broader and globally accepted consultation and dissemination, in which each core competency was rated on a 1 – 5 Likert-type scale. This type of scoring was not intended to further streamline the list of 31 CCs, but
to identify CCs that have a higher degree of disagreement/spread among health researchers in terms of importance.

A substantial part of the 2nd International Meeting on Teaching Epidemiology will
be dedicated to the question, how these core competencies may be integrated
into current curricula and brainstorm on innovative teaching methods. Invited
are international academic epidemiologists who are involved in teaching and
research. We envision this meeting to be a highly interactive and engaging event.

Attendance is restricted to 100 participants, and the organizers strive for broad diversity in terms career stage (academic epidemiologists, advanced PhD students and PostDocs), teaching experience, geography and subfields of epidemiology.

Organizing committee:

  • Milo Puhan (University of Zurich)
  • Ursula Schlipköter (Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich)
  • Gerben ter Riet (University of Amsterdam)
  • Ali Abraham (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Viktor von Wyl (University of Zurich)
  • Maurice Zeegers (Maastricht University)

Contact information

Doreen Gille, E-Mail

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