HEPA Europe

HEPA Europe, the European Network for the promotion of Health-Enhancing Physical Activity is the frontrunner in knowledge in physical activity,  a key advocate and broker for physical activity in Europe and a key source for best available evidence.
HEPA Europe is structured around working groups on HEPA promotion on national level, in youth, older people, disadvantaged groups, at the workplace, in health care settings or sport clubs, or on injury prevention or monitoring.
HEPA  Europe Membership is open to organizations and institutions active at the regional, national or sub-national level willing to contribute to the goals and objectives of the network.
These include over 140 institutions from 35 countries, among them:

  • government bodies such as ministries and agencies at the national
    and sub-national level involved with the promotion of HEPA Europe
    (e.g. ministries of health, sports, education, transport, agencies for
    health promotion, etc.);
  • research and other scientific institutions;
  • non-governmental organizations;
  • other institutions or organizations active in a related field; and
  • interested individuals (upon invitation from the Steering Committee).

The EBPI has been a member of HEPA Europe since 2008.


For more information and to participate please visit the project page.