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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

ESTxENDS: Efficacy, safety and toxicology of electronic nicotine delivery system as an aid for smoking cessation

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in Switzerland. Recently, electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS or vaporizers, also called e-cigarettes) have become popular in smokers who want to switch from tobacco cigarettes to ENDS to reduce their exposure to toxic compounds or to stop smoking. However, it is controversial whether ENDS are in fact useful as a smoking cessation support and what the safety and potential adverse effects of ENDS are. Based on this background, the ESTxENDS randomized controlled trial was developed to test the efficacy, safety and toxicology of ENDS as an aid for smoking cessation. The project started in June 2018 and is led by the University of Berne. It is planned to recruit around 1’200 participants in total at five study sites in Switzerland (University Hospital Berne, University Hospital Lausanne, University Hospital Geneva, Kantonsspital St. Gallen and University of Zurich).

For more information and to participate please visit the project page

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Anja Frei (Project Leader)
Charlotte Rauch
Alexandra Strassmann