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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

T-MAP: Trail Monitoring and Assessment Platform

The core of the T-MAP platform is a suite of general analytical models that can be used independently for a specific purpose, or in concert, depending on a community’s needs and goals.
There are three core models:

  • A GIS-based method for measuring trail system connectivity
  • A trail-use demand factoring and forecasting model
  • A set of impact assessment tools that translate
    trail use into dollars related to health and transportation impacts.

The platform includes a set of data collection instruments that will set a next-generation standard for active transportation research. To develop T-MAP,
RTC will collect data on trail use and trail users in 12 urban areas throughout the U.S.


For more information and to participate please visit the project page.


  • Advancing project-scale health impact modeling for active transportation: A user survey and health impact calculation of 14 US trails . T Götschi, TH Loh Journal of Transport & Health 4, 334-347
  • Development of a Survey Tool to Quantify Health Impacts of Trail Use . J Cohn, TH Loh, T Götschi . Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 34:(3) The output is summarized on the project website:

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Tracy Hadden Loh (Project Leader)

Thomas Götschi

Greg Lindsay

Michael Lowry