Sportslab SwissOlympic

We evaluate the best strategy to assess laboratory-based health parameter important for athletes such such as iron or vitamin D deficiency. For this reason we assess old and new laboratory parameters in a large sample of elite athletes and try to improve our laboratory-based support of our athletes.



  • Predictive Factors for Vitamin D Concentrations in Swiss Athletes: A Cross-sectional Study
    Zürcher SJ, Quadri A, Huber A, Thomas L, Close GL, Brunner S, Noack P, Gojanovic B, Kriemler S
    Sports Medicine International Open 2018; 2: 1–9. doi 10.1055/a-0669-0791
  • Eisenmangel bei Sportlern - Neue Empfehlungen zur Abklärung und Therapie
    Quadri A, Gojanovic B, NoackP, Brunner S, Huber A, Kriemler S
    Swiss Sports and Exercise Medicine N°66(2)-2018
  • Vitamin D Spiegel und Prädiktoren bei Schweizer Sportlern - Empfehlung zur Substitution
    Kriemler S, Zürcher S, Quadri A, Noack P, Brunner S, Huber A, Gojanovic B
    Swiss Sports and Exercise Medicine N°66(2)-2018