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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

Babette Winter

Babette Winter, M Sc

  • PhD Candidate

Short Biography

Babette Winter is a joint PhD candidate at both the EBPI Zurich (Department of Public and Global Health) and at the University Hospital Zurich (Department of Clinical and experimental Pharmacopsychology). She completed her studies in Cognitive Science and Psychology at the Universities of Osnabrueck and Duesseldorf. During the last year she has worked at the Psychiatric University Clinic Zurich as an intern for psychology at the wards for early detection and treatment of psychosis as well as for dependency diseases and dual diagnoses. Her master’s thesis focused on the evaluation of impulsivity in chronic MDMA users. Her current research concentrates on HIV and STI prevention, focusing on the association of real risks of the online world with addiction, substance use and its mental and sexual health consequences in sexual minorities.