Dunja Nicca

Dunja Nicca, PhD

Scientific Staff

Phone: +41 44 63 44620

dunja.nicca AT uzh.ch

Short Biography

Dunja Nicca is scientific collaborator and group leader at the division of Public Health within the EBPI and lecturer at the Institute of Nursing Science, University of Basel. She gained her PhD in Nursing Science from the University of Basel in 2009 and holds a Master’s degree in Nursing Science. Her research is focused on individual and system readiness for effective implementation of chronic infectious disease prevention, care and treatment in infectious diseases (HIV, Hepatitis C, Influenza) and non-communicable chronic diseases. She has nine years of clinical experience as an advanced practice nurse (APN) caring for patients living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C. Dunja Nicca is a member of the scientific board of the Swiss HIV Cohort Study and board member of the Swiss Association for Nursing Science.

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