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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

Christine Hitzke

Christine Hitzke, Dr. sc.

  • Scientific Staff
+41 44 255 8850

Short Biography

In October 2005, Christine Hitzke joined the EBPI (former ISPM) as Occupational Hygienist at the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Dr. Hitzke earned her PhD in 2005 at the Institute of Hygiene and Occupational Physiology at the ETH, Zurich. She completed her MAS (former NDS) in Work and Health in 2003 and her MSc in Environmental Science in 2000 (both at ETH, Zurich). As an Occupational Hygienist and Safety Engineer, Dr. Hitzke is working at the University Hospital Zurich and provides services for the employees concerning safety at the workplace and health protection. She brings technical expertise in workplace measurements, risk analyses of chemical, physical and biological hazards as well as consulting expertise with respect to construction projects. Further, she is actively involved in research studies in the field of occupational medicine and conducts her own exposure studies.