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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

Division of Models and Computing

Head: Prof. Dr. Torsten Hothorn

Biostatistics is the magnifying glass which allows to disentangle relevant effects from noise and thus facts from fiction under appropriate error control. The classical cookbook-style attitude in statistical teaching and research hides the core ideas and concepts underlying statistical reasoning, fails to highlight the connections between different methods, and has the potential to create misconceptions.

Replacing the cookbook with a box of Lego bricks the data analyst can build models matching the specific research question which is our mission.  We aim to provide data analysts and statisticians alike with theoretical and computational Lego systems  implementing comprehensive ways of understanding, designing, analysing, and  communicating experiments.

We contribute to the academic community and to society at large by making our research freely available, in form of open access publications describing ideas and free software tools implementing them.

Our research focuses primarily on:

  • Transformation models
  • Statistical learning
  • Permutation inference
  • Statistical software


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