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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute


General Remarks

This week-long program will help clinicians and clinician-scientists to build skills in clinical  investigation with a particular focus on clinical trials, to increase knowledge in statistical  analysis, and to connect to a community of like-minded researchers.


The curriculum includes sessions on:

  • Novel Trial Design: Sequential and Adaptive Designs
  • Secondary Analysis of Clinical Trials
  • Quantitative Methods for Benefit-Harm Analysis
  • Ethics of Comparative Trials
  • Statistical Monitoring and Data Monitoring Committees
  • Power and Sample Size
  • Survival Analysis in Clinical Trials
  • Publishing Trials

Learn from University of Zurich and Harvard Professors, including Milo Puhan,
Marc Pfeffer, Scott Solomon, Caren Solomon, Henock Yebyo, Helene Aschmann, Ajay Singh, Brian Claggett, Torsten Hothorn and Marc Vandemeulebroecke.


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