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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute


The Dialogue Days program can be found below followed by general remarks detailing the thought behind each event.

General Remarks

The goal of our event are to discuss and anticipate future Global Health Challenges and think preventatively for solutions.

We will reach this goal through the exploration of four
thematic areas presenting future global health challenges:

1. Non-Communicable Diseases:
The rising threat of NCD`s in the Global South.

2. Communicable Diseases: In both animals
    and humans and how they affect each other.

3. Climate Change: In particular, how climate
    impacts geographic disease prevalence.

4. Migration: As a capstone event, we will look at how human and animal
    migration is both impacted by and impacts all of the themes above.

In planning this event, we strove to ensure equitable representation in our Scientific planning committee, speakers, chairs and organisers. Specifically, we operated under the following core principles of:

1) Gender balance
2) Regional balance (Global North and Global South)
3) Experience balance (to build up the next generation of researchers).

More information on how this looks in keynote sessions can be found below.

Approach to Keynotes:
Junior Pioneer(s) / Senior Pioneer / Discussion

Each thematic area above will have a keynote session comprised of three brief engaging presentations from both experienced and junior researchers. The flow of the hour long keynotes can be found below:

• Introductions by the Theme Chair: 5 minutes
• Senior Researcher Presentation: 10 minutes to present
   the state of the field. No slides.
• Junior Researcher Presentation: 10 minutes to present
   an idea/project they have been working on in the field. With slides.
• Junior Researcher Presentation: 10 minutes to present
   an idea/project they have been working on in the field. With slides.
• Moderated Discussion: 25 minutes

Approach to Workshops:
Junior Pioneer(s) / Senior Pioneer / Activity/Discussion

Small workshops for roughly 10 - 15 people will be held on Monday afternoon.
The purpose of these workshops is to take a slightly deeper dive
into an area of research within one of the identified themes.

Approach to Migration Arena:

To discuss a topic as complex as migration we have decided that an Arena format
is better suited to this than a traditional keynote. We will first hear briefly from two experts in the field, followed by a moderated discussion with both pre-prepared questions and questions from the audience.

The goals of this session are to:

• Demystify the legal considerations with migration.
• Explore reasons for migration.
• Convince the attendee that everyone is a key
   stakeholder when it comes to the issues surrounding migration.