Patricia Schlagenhauf

Patricia Schlagenhauf, Prof. Dr.

Professor; Senior Scientist

Co-Director WHO Collaborating Centre for Travellers' Health

GeoSentinel Site Director Chair- GeoSentinel ECCo

EuroTravNet Steering Committee

Phone: +41 44 63 44630

patricia.schlagenhauf AT

Short Biography

Patricia Schlagenhauf is a Senior Scientist and Professor at the University of Zürich, Co-Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Travellers' Health, Switzerland and is active in research, teaching and travel clinic duties. In travel health networks, she is the Zürich GeoSentinel Site Director, Chair of the GeoSentinel, External Collaborations Committee (ECCo) and EuroTravNet Coordinator/Steering Committee member and a member of the Swiss Expert Group for Travel Medicine. She serves the WHO as Collaborating Centre Co-Director and as a member and Chair of various WHO advisory committees on travel medicine.
Research focus areas: travellers’ malaria, epidemiology and prevention of travel associated disease, travellers’ vaccines and medications, gender issues in travel medicine.
Publications include more than 160 peer reviewed papers (h-index 38)  and the books “Travelers’ Malaria” (BC Decker 2001, 2nd edition 2008) and “Infectious Diseases – a Geographic Guide” (Wiley 2011, 2nd edition 2017) and the handbook “PDQ -Travelers’ Malaria” (BC Decker 2005).
She is the founder of the ISTM Research Committee, a group aiming to increase research in travel medicine. Since 2013, she is at the helm of Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease (IF 4.868) as Editor-in-Chief.