SURFit: Effects of a 1-year partially supervised exercise programme in childhood cancer survivors – a randomized controlled trial

Beyond survival, modern childhood cancer treatment strives to preserve long-term health and health-related quality of life. While survival rates have reached 80%, there is increasing evidence for short- and long-term adverse effects. The objectives of this study are to assess the effect of a partially supervised individualized exercise program supported by motivational feedback on a cardiovascular risk, bone health and quality of life in young adults after having survived their childhood cancer and are recurrence free for 5 years and more.

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  • A partially supervised physical activity program for adult and adolescent survivors of childhood cancer (SURfit): study design of a randomized controlled trial [NCT02730767].
    Rueegg CS, Kriemler S, Zuercher SJ, Schindera C, Renner A, Hebestreit H, Meier C, Eser P, von der Weid NX
    BMC Cancer. 2017 Dec 5;17(1):822. doi: 10.1186/s12885-017-3801-8.