HOMEX: Home-based exercise training for COPD patients

Exercise training is an important component of pulmonary rehabilitation and the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and numerous trials have shown large improvements in health-related quality of life and exercise capacity in persons with COPD. However, despite the well-known benefits of exercise training, the great majority of patients who would benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation never follow such a program. Also, for patients who undergo a supervised exercise training program it is often challenging to implement a follow-up program or regular exercise training into their daily life home-setting. Consequently, many COPD patients are either not instructed to exercise at all or fail to adhere to exercise training at home after completing pulmonary rehabilitation. Therefore, health professionals and experts from our institute developed an exercise training program (HOMEX) that requires minimal equipment (i.e., only a chair and elastic bands) and can be easily implemented long-term in the patient’s home-setting. The program consists of training elements with progressive levels of intensity, can be individually adapted to the patient’s exercise level, is provided in a motivational way and is supervised by health care professionals. In the two multicenter randomized controlled HOMEX trials we aim to assess the effectiveness of this home-based training program in two groups of participants: COPD patients who have completed a pulmonary rehabilitation (post PR maintenance group, HOMEX 1 trial) and in COPD patients who did not enroll in existing pulmonary rehabilitation programs within the last 12 months (no PR group, HOMEX 2 trial).


For more information and to participate please visit the project pages:
- HOMEX 1: Clinicaltrials.gov: NT03461887
- HOMEX 2: Clinicaltrials.gov: NCT03654092


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