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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

Demographic Change and State of Health in Switzerland

Demographic ageing is one of the big challenges for modern societies. Within this project and in comparison with other developed countries, we evaluate workforce potential and not yet exhausted health potentials in Switzerland. The project aims at tracing hints and developing strategies for prevention and health promotion until high age. A special goal is empowering as much people as possible to stay healthy until retirement age.


  • Which life domains impact most on self-rated health?
    A cross-cultural study of Switzerland and its neighbors.
    Häusler N, Hämmig O, Bopp M.
    Social Indicators Research 2018;139:782-802
  • Impact of parenthood, informal caregiving and its
    combination on self-rated health - A population-based study in Switzerland.
    Häusler N, Hämmig O, Bopp M.
    J of Population Ageing 2017.
  • The effect of informal caregiving on burnout risk and the mediating
    role of work-privacy conflict: a cross-sectional study among health
    professionals in Switzerland.
    Häusler N, Bopp M, Hämmig O.
    Swiss Med Wkly 2017;147:w14552
  • Effort-reward imbalance, work-privacy
    conflict, and burnout among hospital employees.
    Häusler N, Bopp M, Hämmig O.
    JOEM 2018;60(4):e183-e187"

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Matthias Bopp (Project Leader)

Oliver Hämmig