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HAIR = Hair concentrations of anti-malarials ireturned travellers

This study aims to develop and evaluate a methodology to test hair samples from returned travellers, who took malaria chemoprophylaxis, in order to determine the concentration of anti-malarial medications in the body. It is important to ensure that adequate protective levels of anti-malarials are being achieved and to look at factors that may influence malaria drug levels attained such as age, sex, adherence or co-medications. Hair samples are often more convenient and easier to manage that blood samples. The testing is absolutely anonymous and we test only for anti-malarials.
We would value your participation if you take anti-malaria chemoprophylaxis and if are willing to donate some hair after travel!

Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Patricia Schlagenhauf
Project Co-Leader: Dr. Daniel Müller

For further details: +41 44 6344630 or patricia.schlagenhauf AT uzh.ch