Research Methods Consulting

Our team of experienced staff members at the Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute (EBPI), led by PD Dr. Ulrike Held, provides expertise to researchers of the UZH Faculty of Medicine during all phases of the research life cycle, from study design to results interpretation and presentation.

We offer research methods consulting and data analysis including

Clinical trials Systematic reviews and meta-analysis

Study design

Sample size calculations

Statistical methods for data analysis

Methods to avoid bias

Graphical representation of data

Interpretation of results

Advice for systematic literature searches



Network meta-analysis

Research methods consulting, study design and data analysis


We offer guidance on the following topics

By seeking a consultation with our staff during the planning phase of your study, improvements can be made in your research questions and study design. This one hour appointment is free for members of the UZH Faculty of Medicine.

The EBPI also offers research methods consulting to students of the UZH Faculty of Medicine regarding Master’s theses and dissertations.

You may register electronically and you will be contacted by our staff within a few days to set up an appointment. Please contact us in a timely manner.


Contractual data analysis for researchers of the Medical Faculty at UZH

Statistical data analysis, plausibility checks, and interpretation of results can be performed by staff members of the EBPI if we have the capacity. Results of the analysis are summarized in a report .

The client and EBPI staff members responsible for the project discuss and finalize analysis plans. A non-binding cost estimate (based on an hourly rate of CHF 120 plus VAT) will then be sent to the client. The VAT will be removed from the bill if paid by the Institute/Clinic.

If the project goes to publication in a medical journal, staff members responsible for the project may be considered for co-authorship. Do not mention staff members in the Acknowledgments section of your paper, unless agreed upon.

Please refer to the

guidelines for preparing datasets for statistical analysis (PDF, 128 KB)(in German, update April 06, 2018).

The client has full responsibility for correct datasets, including backup, anonymization, and data protection.

Thesis/Dissertation Co-Supervision for Students of the Medical Faculty at UZH

Master’s theses and dissertations by students at the medical faculty at UZH can be co-supervised by staff members of the EBPI. If the supervisor of the thesis agrees on co-supervision, a «Vereinbarung Co-Betreuung» will be signed.

Masterarbeitsvereinbarung (PDF, 17 KB)

Dissertationsvereinbarung (PDF, 17 KB)

Scientific cooperation

Some medical research questions may also be relevant to methodological research and may be suitable for scientific cooperation. The main goal of such a cooperation is to make scientific advances in both the methodological and medical fields, i.e., to produce research publications for both biostatistics/methodological journals and medical journals. In this case, the medical researcher and EBPI staff member should both be first authors.

Prerequisites for such a cooperation include joint grant applications, previous published projects, or corresponding research activities or interests.

Contractual data analysis for external researchers

External researchers should contact Eveline Bielser (administration).