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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

EBPI researcher Holger Dressel awarded funding from SNSF together with researchers from ETHZ and USZ

EBPI researcher Holger Dressel together with Gudela Grote and Nadine Bienefeld from ETHZ and Michaela Kolbe from USZ have received the wonderful news that
their project "Welcome to the Team Dr. Watson: New Roles and Responsibilities in AI-Supported Healthcare Teams” is being funded by the SNSF as part of the special call “Digital Lives”.

Exponential growth in data generation and compute power combined with advances in machine learning have led to the development of artificially intelligent applications (AI) that have the potential to outperform humans in various cognitive tasks. Researchers speak of a paradigm shift from “mind to machine” that will fundamentally change
the way humans work. It is unclear, however, how this change will affect professional roles, teamwork, and the distribution of control and responsibility between humans
and AI within these new socio-technical-systems. Consequently, this project aims
to explore the changing roles and responsibilities in the example of healthcare professionals (i.e., physicians and nurses) working in inter-professional teams.
Further, it is planned to assess the viewpoints of healthcare professionals, AI developers, patients and various other stakeholders, regarding the opportunities
and risks of AI in healthcare.


Congratulations to Holger, Gudela, Nadine and Michaela.