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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

EBPI Congratulates SNSF-funded researchers in Epidemiology & Public Health

Georg Bauer and Gregor Jenny of the EBPI were awarded a SNSF grant to run
a cluster randomized controlled trial of an e-coach for team leaders and teams in companies targeting their job resources, job demands and work-related health.
The web-app of the e-coach has been developed with several partners, funded by
the Swiss Commission of Technology and Innovation (CTI). The SNSF grant will
allow the team to conduct an in-depth effectiveness study of the e-coach on the
level of leaders and their teams, considering rich process and context data collected by this online tool.

Milo Puhan, Matthias Bopp, Holger Dressel and Alexandra Strassmann of the EBPI, together with colleagues Martin Röösli, Kees de Hoogh (both of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute) and Alexander Turk (of the Zürcher Höhenklinik Wald) were awarded SNSF funding to examine occupational risk factors for chronic lung disease through linkage of data from the Luftibus health promotion campaign
and the Swiss National Cohort. After successful preliminary work, the SNSF funding provides the opportunity for an in-depth examination of the causal pathways involved.

In total, the EBPI currently leads 14 SNSF-funded projects (including 3 NRP’s)
and hosts 1 SNSF Professor, for a total of CHF 5.6 mio in SNSF support.