Ronja Fierz

Ronja Fierz, MD

Lead Referenz-Impfzentrum

Resident Physician

Phone: +41 44 63 44933

ronja.fierz AT

Short Biography

Ronja Fierz first joined the EBPI during her medical studies as an assistant in the Medical Travel Clinic.  After graduating from Medical School of Zürich University in 2019, she enhanced her clinical knowledge in the departments of psychiatry and gynaecology. In late 2020 she returned to the EBPI, whose clinical setting had extended to also form the Referenz-Impfzentrum of the Kanton Zürich. There she continued her clinical work in taking part as medical supervisor and member of the vaccination team. In 2022 she assumed the position as the leader of the Referenz-Impfzentrum.