Samuel Pawel

Samuel Pawel

PhD Candidate

Phone: +41 44 63 44623

samuel.pawel AT

Short Biography

In October 2019, I started working as a PhD student in the group of Prof. Leonhard Held.
Previously, I obtained a Master's degree in Biostatistics from the University of Zurich.
Currently, my PhD research focuses on studying statistical methods for the analysis and design of replication studies.

Curriculum Vitae

Publications and Preprints

  • Held, L., Matthews, R., Ott, M., & Pawel, S. (2021). Reverse-Bayes methods for evidence assessment and research synthesis.
  • Held, L., Pawel, S., & Schwab S. (2020). Replication power and regression to the mean. Significance, 17(6), 10-11.
  • Held, L., & Pawel, S. (2020). Comment on "The Role of p-Values in Judging the Strength of Evidence and Realistic Replication Expectations". Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research, 1-3.
  • Held, L., Micheloud, C., & Pawel, S. (2021). The assessment of replication success based on relative effect size. to appear in The Annals of Applied Statistics.
  • Pawel, S., & Held, L. (2020). The sceptical Bayes factor for the assessment of replication success.
  • Pawel, S., & Held, L. (2020). Probabilistic forecasting of replication studies. PLOS ONE, 15(4), e0231416.
  • Lenggenhager, D., Pawel, S., Honcharova-Biletska, H., Evert, K., Wenzel, J. J., Montani, M., Furrer, E., Fraga, M., Moradpour, D., Sempoux, C., & Weber, A. (2020). The histologic presentation of hepatitis E reflects patients' immune status and pre-existing liver condition. Modern Pathology.
  • Debelak, R., Pawel, S., Strobl, C., & Merkle, E. C. (2020). Score-Based Measurement Invariance Checks for Bayesian Maximum-a-Posteriori Estimates in Item Response Theory. Preprint:


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