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Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

Clinical Research Methods

The Division of Clinical Research Methods is involved in the translation from methodological research to clinical research, meaning that current methodology in biostatistics and clinical epidemiology will be applied to answer clinical research questions. The development and validation of clinical prediction models, design and analysis of RCTs, design and analysis of observational studies, as well as systematic reviews and meta-analyses are our main areas of research.

If you are interest in working with us, please visit our Research Methods Consulting page to learn how we operate and to register with your information.

We offer statistical programming courses in the free software environment R, to increase biostatistics knowledge and to promote good research practices. These courses are tailored to applications in medical research. Courses take place regularly (6-7 times per year), and they are free of charge for UZH members.

Further, we are developing advanced statistical programming courses in the Digital Skills 4 You initiative, with funding provided by swissuniversities.