2018 - 1st International Meeting on Teaching Epidemiology

“Traditional and Emerging Core Competencies of Epidemiologists”

Save the Date: June 26 - 27, 2018, Zurich, Switzerland


The 1st International Meeting on Concepts for Teaching Epidemiology is hosted by the Epidemiology, Biostatistics und Prevention Institute (EBPI) of the University of Zurich. The goals of this highly interactive meeting are:

  1. To discuss traditional and “emerging” core competencies of academic epidemiologists in the context of current megatrends (digitalization, personalized health, work 4.0 etc.)
  2. To discuss how curricula for MSc and PhD programs in epidemiology could be adapted to help students acquire traditional and “emerging” core competencies

Invited are international academic epidemiologists who are involved in teaching and research. We envision this meeting to be a highly interactive and engaging event that will result in a publication in a scientific journal. Therefore, we expect an active role from participants in discussing and formulating core competencies for current and future epidemiologists. Moreover, as a mandatory registration step, we will solicit input that will serve as a starting point for the meeting discussions.

The meeting is open to a maximum of 100 attendees. You can pre-register by sending a short E-Mail with your contact information to epiteaching@ebpi.uzh.ch and you will receive the invitation to the official registration in February. We will evaluate the final registrations and assemble a representation of attendees of different countries, universities and organizations.

The official registration will start in the beginning of February.

Organizing committee:
Milo Puhan (University of Zurich), Albert Hofman (Harvard University), Gerben ter Riet (University of Amsterdam), Alfredo Morabia (Columbia University), Ali Abraham (Johns Hopkins University), Viktor von Wyl (University of Zurich)