Alessandro Blasimme

Alessandro Blasimme, Dr.


Phone: +44 634 49 53

Short Biography

Alessandro Blasimme studied Philosophy and Bioethics at «La Sapienza» University of Rome (Italy). He then received a PhD in Bioethics from the European School of Molecular Medicine (University of Milan - Italy), with a dissertation on the ethical and regulatory challenges of regenerative medicine. During his PhD he also received training in science & technology studies (STS) and molecular cell biology. Before joining the Health Ethics and Policy lab, he held a post-doctoral appointment at Inserm (the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research). In this capacity, thanks to the support of the European Commission (FP7 Programme and Innovative Medicines Initiatives) he has worked on ethical issues in genomics, public health, preventive medicine and aging. In 2014 he received a Fulbright-Schuman fellowship to join the STS Program at Harvard University (USA).
His work appeared in journals such as the American Journal of Bioethics, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Stem Cells and Development and Plos Genetics. He presented his work at more than thirty international conferences.

Dr. Blasimme’s research revolves around ethical and policy issues in biomedical innovation, focusing on regulatory challenges in the clinical translation of regenerative medicine, precision medicine and novel approaches to public health policy.
In particular, he is interested in the transformation of clinical research ethics in the context of translational medicine. His research thus blends bioethical analysis and empirical inquiry to clarify central normative issues in translational ethics such as autonomy, choice, participation and privacy. Moreover, he is interested in the evolution of evidentiary standards and the management of uncertainty in regulatory processes and public health policy.
His aim is to advance normative analysis as well as to work on policy solutions to pressing ethical issues in precision medicine, digital health and the uptake of transformative technologies – especially in the field of genomics.

Other academic activities
Dr. Blasimme has been appointed as the coordinator of the ethical core component of an IMI project on aging research and prevention (SPRINT-T) and also as co-coordinator for the work package on ethical and societal issues in a FP7-funded project on regenerative medicine (EUcelLex). He organized international workshops sponsored by the European Science Foundation and the Brocher Foundation. In addition, he has obtained national and international grants to support both his doctoral and postdoctoral research.